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If the Ayasofya was on HGTV…


Create a video taking us on a tour of somewhere you love or hate, providing commentary that points out the unusual in a tone distinct from most “tourist” videos.

I made a slight modification to the guidelines for the Sardonic Tours video assignment. Instead of narrating the video I made, I inserted captions instead. I must admit that the execution of this assignment was different from how I imagined it to be when I was planning it.  The video clip as well as the still photos included were taken during my 2012 birthday trip to Turkey, during which I visited the Hagia Sophia twice.  I could not tire of taking photographs inside . The 00:38 video clip was my starting point for this assignment and I supplemented it with some of my favorite photos.

Originally, I had thought to do an annoying voiceover of an interior decorator casting a critical eye inside the Hagia Sophia. However, I was in a time crunch and adding captions to the Windows Live Movie Maker project seemed faster. I found instrumental Turkish classical music by conducting a Google search for “Turkish classical music instrumental free download.” I downloaded an MP3 audio file from Stafa Band.  The music video is below:

Completing this assignment has made me realize that I need to review and edit those countless video clips I take during trips. If only I had the time to do it…


3 thoughts on “If the Ayasofya was on HGTV…

  1. I visited Istanbul and Ankara back in Summer of 2012 and seeing these shots reminded me of my trip. I enjoyed the collage of imagery you captured throughout your trip. The commentary coupled with the music worked out well as the music seemed to guide me through the Hagia Sophia, using your comments almost like directional signs I would see walking through the building or around Istabul. The occasional video mixed into your collage did well to bring the video to life by throwing the viewer a curveball. My only question would be if the “[Insert Text Here]” on the Hagia Sophia sign was unintentional, or an invitation for us to use our imagination as to what could go on the sign?

    excellent video…makes me wish I could go back to visit Istanbul and walk the banks of the Bosphorus.

    • Thanks for your thorough feedback. And yes, that “insert text here” was not intentional; I missed that in the pre-publishing review 😦 I’d love to go back to Istanbul, too. It’s one of those places that you’ll always find something interesting to see.

  2. I like the idea for doing this video and do not beef at all with the idea of using sardonic captions. I would have liked to see more of an effort to make it in the personality or genre of HGTV (which I can only guess at, I have not seen the show) with some more elements of either tone in the captions or something that suggests more of it being like the show.

    It does show me that you are doing video editing, and mixing in the audio, and of course it is beautiful imagery.

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