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You can’t handle the truth…of what happened to these characters!


For one of the video assignments, I thought it would be fun to complete Where are they now?

“Don’t you hate how some movies just leave you hanging!! Do you ever wonder what happens to the characters next? Well this is your chance to let the world know where they are today! Choose a movie and then create some type of video update on the characters current life. Use pictures, video clips, drawings; whatever you want and compile them into a video.”

I chose the end of the courtroom scene of A Few Good Men, although the video clip does not show all of the characters for whom I created a “where-are-they-now?” story.

I used to download the A Few Good Men video clip from YouTube.  Then I searched for photos and videos using Google. I selected the actors that I knew had a diversity of work post-A Few Good Men. This made it easy to make up a “where-are-they-now?” story.  See matrix below:

Actor Character Where are they now? Movie/Video Clip Source
Kevin Bacon CAPT Jack Ross Became an astronaut and flew with Forrest Gump to establish first colony on Saturn Apollo 13
Tom Cruise LT Daniel Kaffee Couldn’t contain his happiness at being exonerated from “..f+++g the wrong Marine” and jumped on Oprah’s couch. Decided to become a rock star Oprah and Rock of Ages
Demi Moore LCDR Joanne Galloway Had an affair with an enlisted sailor and was kicked off the Navy JAG Corps N/A
Jack Nicholson COL Nathan R. Jessup Still in jail and mad for not being able to “piss on [Kaffee’s] dead skull.” The Shining and Batman
Kevin Pollak LT Sam Weinberg Became a professional poker player N/A.
Keifer Sutherland LT Jonathan Kendrick Bitten by a banana rat and became a vampire. Feeds off detainees in Guantanamo Bay. The Lost Boys

Before I went on my first trip to Guantanamo Bay, I kept getting asked whether I had seen A Few Good Men. I had only seen it once before and the first scene that always came to mind is Jack Nicholson yelling, “You can’t handle the truth!” For this assignment, I wanted to pick a different clip, not that one. I’ve seen the movie a few more times and it is inextricably linked to my memories of Guantanamo Bay. Here are a few of my favorite photos:

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2 thoughts on “You can’t handle the truth…of what happened to these characters!

  1. Maybe the follow up title is “A Few Not So Good Nutty Men (and one woman)” — I really really really liked the futures you spun out for the actors/roles based upon their later works; all of them followed from the trajectory of the movie ending. And the jazzy music makes for a good shift from the feeling of the last courtroom scene.

    Kudos too for not going with the most memorable line; it makes your editing that much better to watch. I might have cut the opening sequence a bit shorter, as all we needed was a jumping off point for your imagined followup.

    This is a really good effort an an assignment that is not so easy to find consistent material for.

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