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Message in an (internet) Bottle (of sorts)


For my second audio assignment this week, I completed Taking Back Spam from the Audio Assignment Bank

The sources I used to search for SPAM mail were my personal e-mail accounts; however, I soon found that I did not have very interesting things in my SPAM folder.  The one SPAM mail I finally settled on was an e-mail from someone trying to make a personal connection…by sending SPAM mail!

I used Audacity to record myself in a baby voice reading the e-mail.  I have a negative opinion of women who talk in baby voices with their partners in romantic relationships. So, I applied this “ridiculousness” to this assignment. The SPAM mail reminds me of those messages in a bottle that people throw into the ocean in hopes of stranger picking it up and taking action on the message. To create that ambience, I layered the recording with an audio file of waves crashing against rocks I used an audio file that I did not use on the Sound Effects Story assignment, which I had downloaded from FreeSound. I exported the Audacity file to MP3 and uploaded it to SoundCloud, so I can embed it to this blog post.

Below is the screenshot of the SPAM e-mail and the photo I used for the SoundCloud avatar:


5 thoughts on “Message in an (internet) Bottle (of sorts)

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  2. Whoa! Interesting…as I read this, I thought of a LRo’s post “Missed Connections” ( and the Craig’s List platform where commuters send a message in a bottle so to speak. I think the difference with your “bottle” is the intent, though in both cases the probability of finding the destination is pretty thin.

    Regarding the assignment, it seemed pretty straightforward. I wonder if it would have been interesting to loop in some of other activities and overlay some sound effects or background music to add some melodrama to the message. I sometimes forget the order of these assignments, so I don’t know if that was a tool in the toolbox when you did this assignment.

  3. Some good suggestions above, but for what the assignment asked for, this is a solid effort; what I like seeing is the layering of sounds. The choice for calm waves is an interesting one for what is an annoying message. And recording in baby talk is so much fun?

    Some things you can think about for future audio work is that Audacity has some interesting effects/filters, so you could have shifted the baby voice pitch to a higher and more annoying frequency. I was almost expecting a toilet flush at the end, that would have been a nice finish!

  4. This was great! I think the voice was perfect. I think if I didn’t see your message in a bottle reference I probably wouldn’t have gotten the waves audio but putting it all together I think it works.

  5. Interesting idea and I liked reading about it. However, it seems the soundcloud file didn’t load on your blog site. Since others commented on hearing about it I can only assume it is on my computer it didn’t work. Anyways, I liked the concept and think folks brought up good ideas.

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