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Storify this: Medicare and Medicaid


I realize as I am typing this storifying idea that this is going to be way over my head. However, the subject of Medicare and Medicaid  has been foremost in my mind for the past two months, due to a parent’s ongoing medical issues. Then this past week, there was an opportunity for me to be staffed on a Medicaid-related project. So, if I were to take this subject on for my final project, I would storify how to navigate the Medicare and Medicaid paperwork required to get the benefits.

In honor of today’s Easter holiday, below is a political cartoon (2010) created regarding health care costs. I found it using Google Image search for “medicare Medicaid cartoon.”medicare


5 thoughts on “Storify this: Medicare and Medicaid

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  2. Well it certainly fits the idea of something complex and not understood. I wonder if you can find a more narrow slice or part of the process to focus on??

  3. As someone that did a learning project that did one piece of Medicare and Medicaid and how it interacted with Federal Health benefits I feel you will need to slice it down a little or you will be overwhlemed. But it is very much needed to understand all the items. I would probably do something around the eligibility maybe!

  4. Great idea! Maybe the slice you could focus on is the “getting started” piece. Sometime’ s that’s the hardest and most intimidating part. I would think this would include information about resources, documents to have in order, questions you’d want to ask, etc. you could focus on one person and the journey just to initiate the process or receiving benefits.

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