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Sounds Like an Adventure


The story I created is from the point of view of my loyal travel companion, Becki the backpack (see photos). Becki and I have been traveling together for a decade. This story is a forty-five second snapshot of a day in the life of Becki.

…I sit patiently, and empty, as she books flights on her favorite airline website. I wonder where we are going next and how soon. More importantly, what is she going to stuff me with? Hopefully, not the work laptop; it’s too big and I’m not equipped to provide the necessary cushion. Ahhh, no laptop. Just clothes and a travel pillow this time. And she remembered to remove the new Swiss Army knife before it got confiscated. Again. Whee! Off we go! I’m sitting on top of the large suitcase as she wheels us through the airport. I’ll have to say a temporary goodbye to Mr. Suitcase soon, as she’ll be taking him to the TSA folks for additional screening of checked bags. The trip through the x-ray machine was a breeze, on account of no laptop and no utility knife. I’m now safely stowed in the overhead compartment. I’ve got plenty of room since it’s not a full flight. But wait! There is disadvantage to this as I get tossed around during turbulence. Ugh, not good. Now I’m upside down. Three more hours to go. Yes, we have arrived! What a relief. And I’ve never been to this place before, so I expect I’ll be getting a new patch by the end of this trip. If only there was enough room…

I downloaded over five minutes of audio from FreeSound to create this Sound Effects Story Assignment. I tried the other websites, but found FreeSound to be the easiest to work with. After considering the story spine, I excluded three of the audio files originally downloaded and using Audacity, further edited the files I ended up using to create a story that is roughly 45 seconds long.

Below is a screenshot of my Audacity project for the Sound Effects Story:

Sounds Like an Adventure (Sound Effects Story screenshot)

Sounds Like an Adventure (Sound Effects Story screenshot)

Below is a matrix that maps each track to the audio file used for this assignment:

Key Sound File Name Duration


Keyboard Keyboard_typing.wav 00:09
2 Rummaging through luggage   00:26
3 Rolling bag Rolling bag.wav 00:16
4 X-ray Xray belt.aif 00:10
5 Airline Turbulence Airline-pilot-turbulence-announcement.wav 00:17
6 Bag Rattling Sounds for Earthquakes-textile.wav 00.09
7 Airplane arrival Arrival’s instruction/consignes arriv.wav 02:23


Female sigh Z1.aiff 00:02

Since downloading the LAME library, in order to get the MP3 encoder, I’ve had trouble with my Internet Explorer, and other web browsers. This slowed down considerably completion of this and other assignments this week, which added frustration to an already trying week.


3 thoughts on “Sounds Like an Adventure

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  3. This is a well planned and executed sounds effects story, and the detail in which you show your work is exemplary. Plus I like the approach of story from the perspective one might not expect. Becki sounds like a faithful travel companion.

    I am sorry about problems with the LAME encoder, not sure how that would affect all browsers. You can save your Audacity as WAV and upload them to Soundcloud, they just are much larger files. Let me know if I can guess help.

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