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Scorpions, Bulls, and a Lion, Oh My!

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Since my birthday is in November (proud Scorpio!), the segment I worked on in this week’s Charlie Chaplin video was from 2:01-2:30. Those whose birthday is in May worked on the same segment, hence I used the associated astrological signs in the blog post title.
At first, I just watched my assigned thirty-second segment. Then I watched the entire clip (three minutes and 26 seconds long) and certain things, such as the woman at the end of my segment, made sense after context was added. Although this assignment was only a 30-second segment, I thought I would break it down further into 5 second increments to make it manageable. Putting the actions in matrix helped me plan out the foley sounds I needed to create. See table below:

Segment Action Foley Sound Required Sound Added Created with:
02:01 – 02:05 Lion gets up and sniffs Charlie
  • Paw walking
  • Sniffing
  •  Flip flop sandal on carpet
  • Me
02:06 – 02:10 Lion turns around and lays down on its stomach Paw walking Flip flop sandal on carpet
02:11 – 02:15 Lion puts down head on its paws; black screen; Charlie looks at camera then he feels around his pockets Cat purrClothes rustling Me
02:16 – 02:20 Charlie checks his pockets and shows a face of relief. He looks over to the lion. Sigh of relief“Hmmm!” Me
02:21 – 02:25 The lion turns on his back, as if scratching it on the floor of the cage Scratching Finger nails on magnet
02:26 – 02:30 Charlie looks bored, after realizing that the lion is not interested in eating him. He holds on the cage bars. Camera shows fainted woman getting up and looking back at the cage.
  • Flesh on steel
  • Sigh
  • Two coins clinking
  • Me

I found items I can use to simulate the sounds required.  The most challenging foley for me to create was Charlie’s hand on the steel bars of the cage. I finally settled on clinking two coins togehter, because it was more audible than me recording my hand hitting an iron bar.  I recorded the audio file in SoundCloud. It took several takes and the final product is less than perfect. It is also 3 seconds shorter than the video segment assigned.

Below is a photo of my “foley studio” (items I used to create the foley for this assignment: foley



One thought on “Scorpions, Bulls, and a Lion, Oh My!

  1. I think you are ready to do professional Foley; very inventive.

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