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On SoundCloud Nine!


I successfully created a new account on SoundCloud today. I also personalized my settings, using the same username (chronicwnderlst) and avatar that I have on this WordPress blog, so that they are connected. Prior to this DS106 class, I had not heard of SoundCloud. The only previous experience I had with recording myself was for the IDT class on Game Design and Gamification, when we used Screencast-o-matic. I generally don’tenjoy hearing myself on a recording, but I had to get over that in order to meet the class requirements.

In keeping with the overarching travel theme of this blog, for my first recording on SoundCloud, I decided to read aloud a fake travel-related news report. The best source for fake, funny news is The Onion. I found one that was posted on March 31, 2014, titled, Flight Attendant Quietly Informs First Class Passengers Where Real Emergency Exits Are.

Screenshot of The Onion article mentioned in this post

Screenshot of The Onion article mentioned in this post

I printed the article and practiced reading it out loud before I started recording. I had to re-record four times before I was satisfied with the results.

When I replayed the recording, I was surprised at the clarity of the sound. I had a fan going in the room, and I did not hear it in the recording. I also did not use a fancy microphone, only this:

The microphone I used to make the recording

The microphone I used to make the recording

The tutorial on embedding SoundCloud tracks to WordPress provided with GMU Week 5 DS106 instructions was very helpful. This is the earliest I’ve completed an assignment for DS106 and I’m on cloud 9! Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be able to keep this up.


3 thoughts on “On SoundCloud Nine!

  1. On cloud 9, in the Platinum board group, and in the best seat of business class. You’ve already experimented with and discovered some key issues of recording, microphones and avoiding background noise.

    You can usually do fine with a headset mic, thats what I use. A key is making sure the inout settings for your audio device do not record your sounds at too low a level (hard to hear) or to loud (distorted, or “hot”).

    Check your audio control panel to adjust the input settings.

    And most people feel the same way about voice recording. When you being using audio software, you have available filters and effects to play with the sound of your voice. Have fun experimenting.

  2. I can completely relate! I hate the sound of my voice. Leaving a voicemail makes me cringe…especially if I happen to be there when they replay the message. I think you did a great job overcoming this with your news recording. I liked how you adjusted the volumn of your voice to mimic the flight attendant giving the secret instructions. As future enhancements, it may be cool to add in some additional sound effects like a plane taking off at the beginning to give the news report some additional “layers”. I also really like how your blog brought in the other tools we’ve used in previous classes.

  3. Mmm cannot hear you now. My computer sound is dead. I like the way you introduced the assignment. And explaained what you did. Now I will be reviving my computers sound.

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