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Week 4 Summary


I am a photo hoarder. I love to travel and I take lots of photos. An average day would yield over a hundred  new photos. After observing me snap photos of seemingly mundane things, someone once asked me, “Will you ever look at these photos again?” The answer to that is, “Maybe.”  I take photos of things that are interesting to me and I don’t like to delete them, even if their meaning has faded over time. All my photos are archived in an online album, which was set up not only as a cloud back up but as a photo sharing site. This week’s assignments have taken me on a journey of rediscovery of these photos.

Kelli Anderson’s TED Talk, Disruptive Wonders for a Change, was truly inspiring. It challenged our expectations and assumptions of every day things. The video prompted me to look at my own archive of photos to use for this week’s assignments, rather than using ones available on the internet.

The Symmetry video reminded me of a composite I created in January after returning from vacation, to lament the change in temperature and the long East Coast winter. The composite photo is made up of two photos of my footsteps, one on a beach and one on new snow: Image

I completed the Design Safari assignment during a sunrise photo trek at the Washington D.C. Tidal Basin during the peak of the cherry blossoms. I love doing this photo trek, even if it means getting up at the crack of dawn and trying to find parking.  I restrained myself from posting  more photos of the cherry blossoms than necessary for the assignment.

I completed the first Design Assignment, using photos as letters, by going on a photo safari through my digital photo album, and picking out photos that not only met the assignment criteria but also represented the word I was designing. By using my own photos, the designed word was more personal.

I completed the second Design Assignment, creating composites of human head and animal body, by using more travel photos. My holiday to southern Africa in 2011 was the most opportunity I have had to date to be exposed to and experience wild animals.

I have to admit that I’m still struggling with an idea to storify. I realized after posting last week’s idea  that there is no story left to tell for it; the gorillapod is a well-used tool that does not need storification.  I thought of an item on this month’s “To Do” list that I need to complete this week: renewing my vehicle registration. The idea of storifying the vehicle registration process does not align with this week’s theme of animals and flowers, but that’s all I got for now.

I am enjoying reading classmates’ blog posts. This week, I especially liked guessing the movie behind the One Story/Four Icons design assignment. The feedback I’ve received on my posts have been inspiring as well. I get excited when the Comment icon turns orange (indicating new comments), much like the “You Got Mail” notification back in the old days.


4 thoughts on “Week 4 Summary

  1. Great summary and some really good points. Do you really take hundreds of photos daily? Are you taking them all with your phone? I think that’s impressive simply because that means you are constantly on the “look out” for things to capture. But for someone who is so into capturing a moment, I must ask: What are the things that grab your attention the most? Is it scenery? Landscapes? etc..

    I agree that the Kelli Anderson’s TED talk was inspiring. I particularly liked the fake NY times newspaper they put into circulation. It was interesting to see how when all the news is good news, people looked shocked and surprised. They are used to seeing negative headlines and articles.

    Finally, I really like your composite image with the footsteps! What tool/application did you use to create it? I think footsteps are always interesting to look at because there are typically stories behind them. Can you tell if the person was running? Walking? What kind of person may they be?

    • Thanks for a thorough feedback! No, I don’t take photos daily, only during events or when I travel and then I really go to town. I took 103 photos of cherry blossoms when I was at the Tidal Basin last Thursday morning. I usually use my trusty point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot camera and my iPhone when I don’t have the camera. I guess I’ve been using that tip offered in one of the contributions to “How to Be a Better Photographer:” Take your camera with you everywhere 🙂

      I’ve found that what grabs my attention has evolved over the years. I used to take photos of just flowers, but now I find it more interesting to photograph a flower with an insect or something else on it. Same with landscapes. I welcome photobombing birds anytime. One of the photos I snapped on Thursday was of the cherry trees reflecting in the Tidal Basin, and an airplane that had just taken off from DCA flying overhead.

      I created the composite on a Word doc, then saved it to PDF, then to JPG. I could’ve done it on PowerPoint with less steps but I didn’t remember to do that then.

      • Very cool! I admire how you are able to identify those key moments to capture. Usually when something like that occurs around me I just observe without realizing its a good photo opportunity! I’m sure you have some beautiful photos, especially from the cherry blossoms this week, you should consider taking one of your photos and having it either enlarged on a canvas or hand painted!!

  2. Once again, you students are carrying on the conversation about what I might have commented. Your work this week continues to excel in the way you write about your thinking and the work, and is showing to me you are carrying out the objectives of this week.

    Do not worry about the challenge of the storifying. The task is vague. I can say it was designed that way 😉

    There are many ways to skin together a composite image, as described here, with any of the suggested image editing programs (open one photo, change the canvas size enough to have room for the second, import or open the second and copy/paste in). Your an phone iPhone/Android apps that do this too (I have an iphone one called Diptic). Look

    or even a web based

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