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Storify this: VA DMV


While the VA Department of Motor Vehicles has an online site where one can pay to renew car registration and order new plates, the process is not as simple as having a payment method on hand. One has to get an emissions test and enter the results online before the renewal could be submitted. I this process is a great candidate for storification for the final project.Image


6 thoughts on “Storify this: VA DMV

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  2. If the VA DMV is anything like the MI DMV, there is a lot of storifying opportunities. The DMV attracts a population from all walks of life. I know on my last visit to the DMV, I left wondering about all of the other people there. I wonder if you could do some kind of play on that as part of your storifying effort!

  3. Great idea! Having lived in several states over the last few years, I have to say the VA DMV is one of the best. This could only enhance their operations and reputation! This idea could play off some of the other things they do to make services better such as allow people to check wait times online before visiting an office.

  4. As someone that used the DC DMV to replace my lost Driver License and being lost on their page for a while this is a great idea. I wonder if you could take this story and make it useful live at the offices too and online. What would you use as characters do you think?

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  6. I like it when the students comment all the questions/feedback that I might say.

    “What they said”

    There are several directions you could take- what what a story be that would at least orient, or put people at ease before entering the site (or line). I am thinking of the way Air New Zealand had fun a few years ago with their safety announcement

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