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What did you have for lunch? A fifteen-minute photo scavenger hunt; it was quite filling

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I did the photoblitz safari assignment during a lunch break, while on business travel to a naval hospital in California. The hospital is named after Robert Eugene Bush, who distinguished himself as an 18 year old sailor during the Battle of Okinawa in WWII. He was the youngest Navy sailor to earn the Medal of Honor in WWII, which was awarded by President Truman. During the battle, the Hospital Apprentice Third Class continued to fight off the enemy while administering lifesaving blood plasma to a wounded Marine officer. HA1 Bush was himself wounded but initially refused medical help until those who he was aiding were safely evacuated. A pair of sculptures depicting this heroism stands in front the naval hospital and is where I based my photo blitz. My appreciation for the work and dedication of our U.S. military medical corps grew in the past two years, while I was on this particular client project. Doing this photo blitz was a sentimental look back as I prepare to move on to a different client project.

I kept the safari within the fifteen minutes, but I forgot to take a photo of my iPhone right at the 15 minute mark, hence the ending time is 17 minutes past the beginning time. It was a cold, windy day in the desert and I had not been dressed appropriately for the desert winds, so I was ready to head back inside the building after fifteen minutes. I was only able to take twelve of the fifteen suggested photos, but am satisfied with how they turned out. I’ve provided a matrix below the photo gallery to show which photo is what.

             Photo Type
April 2, 1:08 p.m. Beginning time
Red rose Dominated by a single color
Shadows building wall Interesting shadow
Close up view of stones with sculpture in background Unusual angle
Flags Into bright light; motion
Shoe reflected on a brass propeller Shoe or foot
Ship’s anchor in a parking lot against a desert landscape Two things that do not belong together
Stones Repeating pattern
Sculpture of Robert E. Bush seen through anchor opening Looking through a frame or opening
Sculpture of Robert E. Bush holding both lifesaving medication and death dealing weapon Metaphor for complexity
Medal of Honor Citation Plaque Representing joy
Hospital architecture Converging lines
Stones Abstract
April 2, 1:25 p.m. Ending time

One thought on “What did you have for lunch? A fifteen-minute photo scavenger hunt; it was quite filling

  1. A fantastic effort! I was not looking for a perfect score but how you went about trying to find things to match the list. In doing this did you find yourself noticing details that you would not have seen before?

    I really liked having the extra information about location, itself carries a hint of a story. I want to know more about this brave soldier, a completely selfless person who put all others needs above his own.

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