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Week 1 Summary

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What a (long!) week and part of it is my doing, given that I’m turning in my Week 1 assignments late. I’ve been in Twentynine Palms, CA all week, on business so my posts are 3 hours behind Eastern time.  Here’s a photo of a detour I took to see Indian Cove campground:


I set up blog account and have been getting used to blogging. My welcome post was more of an apology for tardiness, but I strived to be much more positive and creative in subsequent ones (story shapes, digital storytelling perspective, and storifying) In any case, my initial feelings of being overwhelmed by this course have now turned to general excitement (esp. as I’m catching up on homework). This course is going to be challenging and a lot of work, but with lots of room for creativity and reflection, much like this “selfie” I took at Joshua Tree National Park (I had the camera on self-timer on the hood of the car, which inadvertently reflected the rocks behind me). I look forward to this. Image



One thought on “Week 1 Summary

  1. You’ve excellent work on the catchup… the first two week’s work are meant to get you in blogging practice (in my other classes I sometimes call this “bootcamp”, so you have completed that).

    I think you get the way the course works; there is plenty of latitude in how you go about an assignment, as long as you can justify, explain and write about it in your blog.

    I love that granite boulder terrain of Twenty Nine Palms; I’ve done a little bit of exploring down one of the side trails. And I like the serendipity reflection of the photo, this is stuff to explore in week 3.

    Keep up the excellent work.

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