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Searching for something to storify…(The real title to this post)

I’m still in the process of identifying a specific something for my final project. After viewing the Meet Your Modern Office video and the Google Nexus 7 video, I can see the value of adding storifying elements. I connected better with the Google Nexus video. I found it ironic that the video titles were a bit misleading. The Google Nexus video placed the product name in the title and there was nothing about it to draw me unless I had already been interested in the Google Nexus. The Office product title, on the other hand, drew me in because it spoke to me directly. Only after viewing both videos and comparing them did I realize with which content I best connected.

For my final project, I initially thought about using something from work, e.g. standard operating procedures or policy, as those are the ones much in need of storytelling elements. Alas, I cannot as we have to post media on this public blog. I then thought about doing something closer to home, such as something related to caring for an aging parent. But that is too close to home; I don’t want to do something too personal on this space. So I’ve decided to do my final project on a travel-related issue. Travel is a de-stressor for me, a means of temporary escape from the daily toils, but in and of itself is not stress-free. This final project will be a fun venture. I want that Cheshire Cat grin back.


3 thoughts on “Insert alliterative title here

  1. Good point about the video titles being a little misleading. I too would have thought the Google video would have had a title that was a little catchier. I guess since they were predominantly shown on television, as commercials, the titles weren’t all that important.
    Also, I think your idea to work on travel related issues for your final project is a good one. Do you have any ideas about what issues you’d like to tackle specifically?

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  3. Wow, I had not even noticed that difference in the two videos, fantastic observation on the titles.

    As far as the project topic, I wont take a work related topic off the shelf, but you need to be able to share it somehow (maybe just a photo?) so we can know what the “before” is — and it also needs to be something not proprietary.

    But there is plenty related to travel that would work. I am not looking here for you to make the final decision on the project topic, but to spend a little time each week tossing out ideas.

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